Sculptor Presentation: Creating the James Lee Burke Statue

Saturday, April 6, 2024
Sliman Theater
129 East Main St

SHIRLEY SCARPETTA is an award-winning artist, specializing in clay and bronze sculptures. She is the daughter of two Colombian immigrants that have had an amazing ancestral background of poetry and art. She entered her very first piece of pottery at the Bosque Gallery in Lone Star College, where she won first place, and the gallery purchased her very first piece of art. She went on to show her portfolio to the famous Glassell School of art, and studied mold making. She then went on to study under a professional sculptor, and the rest is history. Her public monumental projects include a 750 lb. bronze sculpture of a wildcat for Cypress Woods High School, Station Agent Ken Walden that sits on the guard rail at the Depot which was commissioned by Mayor Gretchen Fagan of Tomball , St. Francis of Assissi in Sam Houston State Park, and two six foot giraffes for Seabrook Texas. Her future projects include Deputy Darren Goforth, and a fireman for the City of Tomball. Her passion is monumental size sculpture, as well as desktop and commissioned pieces. Sculpture has taken Shirley to incredible heights in the world of sculpture. From being a director at DaVinci Artist’s Gallery in Tomball Tx , to participation in many group shows throughout the state, to showing her work in Galveston, Orchid Tree Gallery in Roundtop, and Galerie Spectra to name a few. She has been featured and published in local magazines, and newspapers, and wants to continue her career in art and sculpture, where she wants to leave a legacy for her God given ability to sculpt people of significance, show her passion for the arts, and make places beautiful with one sculpture at a time!