2023 Literary Festival Author’s Book Gallery

2022 Literary Festival Author’s Book Gallery

Previous Years Author’s Book Gallery

Robicheaux, James Lee Burke
Ruin Renewal - Jack Caldwell
Fonville Winans Cookbook, Cynthia Nobles
Haiku Bouillabaisse, Elaine Parker Adams
Looking Back Images of Iberia Parish, The Daily Iberian
The Plains of Chalmette - Jack Caldwell
Blood of the Believers - Anne Simon
The Delta Queen Cookbook, Cynthia Nobles
Cajun Adventure, Deana Paige
The Acadian Miracle, MM LeBlanc
Neon Rain, James Lee Burke
From A to Zoot - Margaret LaBorde
The Great Beau, O'Neil DeNoux
Angel Pennies, Laura L
Never A Sinner, Lynn Shurr
Give God The Glory, Duhon Sells
Fall Semester
Opening ActsJ eff LeJeune
Blood in the Cane Field - Anne L. Simon
Cajun ABC, Pittman Braud
Hollywood South, Linda Thurman
Kind of Cursed by Stephanie Fournet
Creole Belle, James Lee Burke
One of us - Bill Sumrall
Yet I Will Trust Him, Segura
Believe, Nicole Quinlan
Red and Blue, Jolie Dubriel
Tin Roof Blowdown, James Lee Burke
Gravediggers Delight - Bill Sumrall
The Boss's Daughter, Bates
Pressing on with Hope, Joyce Case
Southern Cross - Janet Faulk
Earth Book 1 -S G Boudreaux
Acadie Then and Now, Perrin
Perfect Betrayal, Season Vining
Cotton Patch Rebel, Ann Trousdale
Jolie Blon's Bounce, James Lee Burke
Four Seasons - Ellen Threats
River of Secrets, Roger Johns
Once Upon A Zoo, Maggie & Rosalind Bunn
Cajun Moon, Dwaines Lawless
Willow Caine - Linda Meaux
Coca Cola Train - Larry Jorgensen
Alycat and the Thursday Dessert Day!, Alysson Foti Bourque
Thoughts on Fire, Craig Collette
Cadillac Jukebox, James Lee Burke
Elysian Dreams - Jack Caldwell
Alycat and the Monday Blues, Alysson Foti Bourque
Save Them All, Carrie Simon
Bourbon Street Nights, Caldwell
Postmarked Baltimore Jeff LeJeune
Blood in the Lake - Anne L. Simon
Shatter, K DeRouen
Story of Tee-Blanc Sambeau, Amie Ducote
I Love You Sunshine
Someone Like Me
Saligia - Bill Sumrall
Di, Di, MyDarling - Bill Sumrall
Images of America - Iberia Parish, Nelwyn Hebert and Warren A. Perrin
Evangeline Paradise Stolen, MM LeBlanc
Come from the Heart, H Goodly
Drive by Stephanie Fournet