Author Like a Boss

Friday, April 5th
Shadows-on-the-Teche Visitor Center
320 East Main St.

Lauren Tisdale (Romance Writer) discovered her love of writing through a serendipitous turn of events, which led her on a journey of self-discovery through the stories she weaves for her readers. Although she writes in multiple genres, Lauren is a romantic at heart. From paranormal romance to romantic comedy, you can find an array of options from this author. Lauren’s voice as an author is growing into a force to be reckoned with. She is filled with stories that need to be told and characters who give her glimpses into new worlds. Join in with many other readers seeking an adventure of the heart, and get lost between the pages.

While not writing, Lauren works full time, is a wife, and a mother. She has a yellow lab named Meeko and resides in south-central Louisiana. Lauren’s love of music and movies inspired her participation in her town’s community theatre program. When she relaxes at home she is usually binge-watching Netflix with her family. If you are looking for a quirky author who is occasionally corny in an endearing way, look no further!